2012 Enterprise Awards

The TicketNetwork® Enterprise Awards are accolades presented annually at the Ticket Summit® summer conference and trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Awards recognize excellence of professionals in the secondary ticket market, and other professionals that have made notable contributions to the industry. Congratulations to all our Enterprise Awards finalists and winners!

Best Fill Rate

Inventory 0-$150K
Winner The Sports Bash
1st Runnerup Stub Express
2nd Runnerup House of Kings NY
Inventory $150-$550K
Winner CheapSeatTickets.com
1st Runnerup Best In The House Tickets
2nd Runnerup Events Tickets - MI
Inventory $550K+
1st Runnerup USAtickets.com
2nd Runnerup Prime Entertainment
Best Processing Time

Inventory 0-$150K
Winner Terrific Tickets
1st Runnerup Pittman LLC
2nd Runnerup Hub City Tickets
Inventory $150-$550K
Winner Sling Tickets
1st Runnerup Your Ticket Shop, Inc.
2nd Runnerup Best In The House Tickets
Inventory $550K+
Winner CalPaul Tickets
1st Runnerup Downtown Tickets
2nd Runnerup Downtown Tickets
Best Mercury Broker

Inventory 0-$150K
Winner Amy's Tickets
1st Runnerup MyTicketBoss.com
2nd Runnerup JR Tickets
Inventory $150-$550K
Winner Online Tickets USA
1st Runnerup GoodyTickets.com
2nd Runnerup World Ticket Broker
Inventory $550K+
Winner Tickets in Time Online
1st Runnerup Choice Admission
2nd Runnerup TicketCenterExchange.com
Best New Broker

Winner Flat Rate Tickets
1st Runnerup The Ticket Café
2nd Runnerup TidalWave Tickets
Best Overall Broker

Inventory 0-$150K
Winner Lincoln Tixx
1st Runnerup RobsTickets.com
2nd Runnerup Epic Seats OR
Inventory $150-$550K
Winner SecondTicket.com
1st Runnerup Three Rivers Tickets
2nd Runnerup Best In The House Tickets
Inventory $550K+
Winner Prime Entertainment
1st Runnerup Bryant Entertainment
2nd Runnerup TIX CITY
Best Online Marketing Performance

Winner Ajay Kandala
Best Online Marketing Performance - Rookie Award

Winner Ben Armstrong