Introducing Mercury, a real time platform for trading in event tickets
Buy and Sell Sports, Concerts and Entertainment tickets at wholesale prices in a few seconds.
Tickets guaranteed for on-time delivery and entry.

Save Money

Ticket brokers using the TicketNetwork® POS save on TicketNetwork® Direct/Fulfillment fees (up to 1% of wholesale price of TicketNetwork® Direct/Fulfillment sale) based on your Mercury usage. More information under 'Real-Time Ticketer' points at


Mercury delists the ticket from the holding broker's TicketNetwork® POS instantly guaranteeing the purchase. The shipping label is automatically relayed to the holding broker. There are no necessary phone calls or faxes to check on availability or confirm credit card information, purchase orders or labels.

Automatic Insurance

Get up to 50% back plus refund for Mercury orders that do not get filled per Mercury policies of on-time shipping and entry to the venue.

The Mercury Process for a broker-to-broker transaction

Assuming ticket price = $100

Buyer: 0% fee, weekly ACH debit
Buyer pays shipping.
Seller: 3% fee, weekly check on delivery

Typical users:

  • Ticket brokers looking to save time and get secured inventory;
  • High-volume websites looking to add more guaranteed inventory on their website and get automatic processing of orders.

Mercury inventory: $671.25 MM

Mercury brokers: 863
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Getting started on Mercury is easy.

Ticket Broker Requirements:

  • Be a registered TicketNetwork® POS user
  • Sign an ACH and selling agreement

High-Volume Ticket Website Requirements:

  • Sign an ACH form and datasharing agreement
Contact Us

To sign up or for more information on Mercury, please send an email to or call +1.860.644.4000 (Option 4).