Mercury is a real-time platform for trading in event tickets
Buy and sell sports, concerts and theater tickets at wholesale prices in seconds.
Tickets guaranteed for on-time delivery and event entry.

Save Money

Ticket brokers using the TicketNetwork® POS save on TicketNetwork® Direct/Fulfillment fees (up to 1% of wholesale price of TicketNetwork® Direct/Fulfillment sale) based on Mercury usage. For more information, please contact our sales department.


Mercury delists tickets from the holding broker's TicketNetwork® POS in real time, instantly guaranteeing the purchase, and a shipping label (for e-tickets, you can get them instantly in most cases and sometimes by email) is automatically relayed to the holding broker. This eliminates extra time spent on additional phone calls/emails to check on ticket availability, or to send credit card information, purchase orders, and labels.

Automatic Insurance

Get back the higher of 100% plus refund or replacement cost, for Mercury orders that do not get filled per Mercury policies of on-time shipping and entry to the venue.

The Mercury Process for a broker-to-broker transaction

Assuming ticket price = $100

Buyer: 0% fee, weekly ACH debit
Buyer pays shipping.
Seller: TND fee percent applies, ACH deposit after delivery

Typical Users & Products:

Ticket Brokers

  • TicketNetwork POS - Supports both buying and selling on Mercury through a desktop application.
  • Auto-Fill - Supports showing Mercury inventory on your website with no development expense, and auto-filling any web orders for those tickets using Mercury with no manual involvement. Required to use our POS and checkout. The fee for the broker website is 3%. Fee is waived if your TND orders are more than your website orders.
  • Ticket Board Pro (TBP) - Supports only buying on Mercury through a web(cloud) application.

High-Volume Websites

  • Mercury Web Services - Supports programmatic buying on Mercury through an API. Involves custom development and building your own checkout.
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Getting started on Mercury is easy.

Ticket Broker Requirements:

  • Be a registered TicketNetwork® POS user
  • Sign an ACH form and Selling Agreement (If on POS)

High-Volume Ticket Website Requirements:

  • Sign an ACH form and data-sharing agreement
Contact Us

To sign up or for more information on Mercury, please send an email to or call +1.860.644.4000 (Option 4).