TicketNetwork® Mercury B2B Platform

Mercury is an automated, robust B2B real-time buying and selling platform. This seamless technology enables users to buy and sell inventory at wholesale prices within seconds. All ticket transactions are guaranteed at 200%, or the cost of replacement tickets (in certain circumstances), whichever is higher. Mercury's listing platform ensures that the buying and selling atmosphere is one of integrity and safety.

Premium Quality Inventory

Mercury unlocks access to approximately $1.5 Billion of the highest-quality inventory available on the secondary ticketing market. Mercury's technology allows users to lock and secure tickets in real time — this is extremely important in an industry with ever-changing inventory availability and pricing.

Inventory Mix/
Delivery Methods

Mercury inventory is comprised of concerts, sports, theater and more. Over 60% of Mercury inventory is available instantly as pre-loaded e-tickets (PDFs) and non-instant e-tickets that are electronically stored in TicketNetwork's Ticket Vault. The remaining inventory is available as electronic transfer (mobile delivery, Flash Seats, QR Screenshots, etc.), hard stock (paper), paperless, and more. Tickets can be delivered electronically or via TicketNetwork's FedEx Shipping Program.

Industry-Leading Guarantee

Mercury transactions are guaranteed at 200%, or replacement costs for equivalent tickets. Either way, your purchase is fully protected.

New Distribution/
Increased Sales

Mercury provides brokers with a whole new sales channel — other brokers. Having your tickets available and easily accessible to our network of hundreds of Mercury-enabled brokers and other Mercury partners vastly increases your sales potential. Brokers who sign up for Mercury typically see their sales through TicketNetwork increases by 30%-50%.

Mercury Process Diagram

The Mercury process for a typical B2B transaction, assuming the wholesale ticket price is $100

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