TicketNetwork® Mercury B2B Platform

Mercury is an automated, robust B2B real-time buying and selling platform. Our technology enables users to buy and sell inventory at wholesale prices within seconds. All ticket transactions are guaranteed up to 200% or equivalent seats, giving you peace of mind. Mercury's listing platform ensures that the buying and selling atmosphere is one of integrity and safety.

Inventory Mix

Mercury inventory is comprised of the highest quality, premium inventory available on the secondary ticket market. This inventory consists of concerts, sports, theater, and more. Inventory stock types include, but are not limited to, pre-loaded/instant download e-tickets (PDFs), non-instant download e-tickets (PDFs), hard stock (paper), electronic transfer, and paperless delivery.


Mercury transactions occur in real time and are automatically accepted -- making it unnecessary for phone calls, emails, providing credit card information or sending purchase orders. Mercury is truly a seamless process.

Industry-Leading Guarantee

Mercury transactions are guaranteed at 200%, or replacement costs for equivalent tickets. Either way, your purchase is fully protected.

Additional Mercury Benefits

Mercury transactions improve broker rating for both buyers and sellers - thereby reducing their overall fees paid to utilize TicketNetwork’s vast array of distribution channels.

The Mercury process for a typical B2B transaction, assuming the wholesale ticket price is $100:

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