TicketNetwork deploying humidity, UV technology to reopen safely

Facilities team adds state-of-the-art systems to make building safe for returning staff

TicketNetwork is preparing to reopen for its valued staff, most of whom have been working from home since late March, doing their part to help flatten the curve of the Covid-19 pandemic. As part of its reopening plan, company management and its facilities team reviewed a variety of best practices and developed a multi-tiered approach to bringing workers back in the safest fashion possible.

Using research and science to guide the plans, TicketNetwork has invested in new technology and developed new operational plans to make sure that it is welcoming employees back while being hostile as possible to any and all pathogens – including the coronavirus.

Below are some of the changes that have been made, and the underlying science powering the decisions:

Distancing where possible, barriers in tighter spaces

Facilities staff have relocated work stations in all departments, maximizing physical distance between workers within the building. In certain areas, where such separation is harder to achieve, physical barriers of safety glass have been erected. This is the cornerstone of the recommendations provided for businesses reopening by both the CDC and State of Connecticuti.

Increased humidity

Science tells us that higher humidity makes it harder for viruses relying on droplet transmission as the main mode of infectionii. At TNHQ, humidity will be running at what research indicates is a "sweet-spot" of between 40-55 percent. This higher humidity level "sweet spot" is known to cause virus-laden droplets to fall to the floor substantially faster than drier air.iii

Harnessing anti-viral properties of ultraviolet light

Sunlight is known to be rough on viruses, and 2019-nCoV is no differentiv. This is why outdoor activities have been among the first to reopen here in the United States. While bringing the sun into every workspace isn’t an option, a state of the art high-intensity UV system was recently installed in TNHQ’s ventilation system, and is designed to bring many of the same benefits to the air circulating the building.

Air passing through the HVAC system travels across these lights at several duct locations, reducing the ability for several allergens, molds, and viruses to survive.

Pumping fresh air, with better filters

Every rooftop unit in the building HVAC system has been updated to allow fresh air into the system at all times, meeting guidance from the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)v. This reduces the amount of recycled air flowing through staff areas.

Facilities staff have also installed filters with MERV-13 ratings - indicating that they consistently filter the smallest possible particles – including as small as viral material – out of the circulating airvi.

Improved cleaning and disinfecting of all staff areas

While maintaining a high standard of cleanliness has always been a TNHQ hallmark, facilities staff have spent much of the time since the staff began working from home in March engaging in a deep-clean of all surfaces within. Using newly-acquired disinfectant cleaning products generally associated with hospitals and ambulance services, the entire building will have been sanitized by the time staff are back. Higher-frequency cleaning of all staff areas will continue throughout the day when the rest of the staff returns.

Wide availability of sanitizers and masks for all

Facilities staff have stockpiled well over 100 gallons of hand sanitizer, setting up numerous touch-free stations throughout the building. These will be kept full at all times for employees to put to use. Masks have also been acquired in bulk, and will be distributed to staff to be worn at all appropriate times within the office setting.

Work at TicketNetwork – as well as all other places of business – has been through an unprecedented interruption this spring. But thanks to the hard work of the facilities team, the staff returning to TNHQ can be confident that their workplace is as safe as it can be against all outside invaders.

Company leadership plans to continually monitor best practices to update these increased safety measures as often as is necessary to be certain that we are always at the forefront of what science says is best for the biggest asset the company has – its workers.

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