TicketNetwork® Point of Sale

The TicketNetwork® Point-of-Sale has shaped the world of ticketing for more than a decade. A turnkey solution, our powerful POS software will manage and streamline all aspects of your ticketing business. Through the POS, list your tickets on the TicketNetwork® Online Exchange to access a distribution network of thousands of websites. Become a part of TicketNetwork’s ongoing expansion within the secondary ticketing industry.

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TicketNetwork® POS supports business growth:

The TicketNetwork® Point-of-Sale is a turnkey solution to running and growing your ticket business. The Point-of-Sale delivers unsurpassed manageability, accountability, and connectivity. By seamlessly connecting to the TicketNetwork® Online Exchange, the Point-of-Sale gives your ticket inventory the broadest exposure to consumers in real time.

The Point-of-Sale can:

In addition to the Point-of-Sale's cutting edge technology, your business will have the support of a dedicated sales representative to guide you as you grow your business.

TicketNetwork® Direct

TicketNetwork® Direct connects you with the retail customer which allows you to:

  • Build your own brand by dealing directly with the customer
  • Remarket your services to the consumer to build repeat business
  • Provide easier substitutions of orders
  • Greater flexibility when dealing with the customer
  • Process payments immediately

TicketNetwork® Fulfillment

Through the Fulfillment program, TicketNetwork fulfills your ticket orders for you. Joining the TicketNetwork® Fulfillment program gives you:

  • No chargeback risk
  • No direct customer service issues
  • No credit card fees
  • Faster implementation process


The TicketNetwork® Point-of-Sale and the TicketNetwork® Online Exchange are PCI-Compliant. Fraud reduction is also one of TicketNetwork’s top priorities. Launched in 2014, TicketNetwork’s fraud prevention solution has dramatically reduced chargebacks for all brokers using the TicketNetwork® Point-of-Sale.

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