TicketNetwork's® Mercury Web Services

Mercury Web Services is a robust, yet seamless, real-time, API-driven product that provides premium quality ticket inventory, while allowing TicketNetwork's clients to own the full customer experience, market directly to their customers, and grow their brand.

Inventory Mix

Mercury unlocks access to approximately $900 MM of the highest premium quality inventory available on the secondary ticketing market. This inventory consists of concerts, sports, theater, and more. Inventory stock types include, but are not limited to, pre-loaded/instant download e-tickets (PDFs), non-instant download e-tickets (PDFs), hard stock (paper), electronic transfer, and paperless delivery.

Real-Time Technology

Mercury contains a unique order mechanism that secures and locks tickets, in real time, as clients charge their customers' credit cards. Orders are placed, automatically accepted and confirmed, all within a matter of seconds.

Industry-Leading Guarantee

Mercury transactions are guaranteed up to 200%, or replacement with equivalent tickets - either way, your purchase is fully protected.


The Mercury Web Services API feed supplies all of TicketNetwork's clients with inventory at broker wholesale price. The clients are in full control of mark-up, service fees, and shipping costs.

For Additional Information

Please reach out any time, seven days a week, by email at mws@ticketnetwork.com or call +1.860.644.4000 x1416